19-12-2016 - Cupcake part 1


Playing an crushing a cupcake


19-12-2016 - Black and white


A beautyfull black and white shoot


02-12-2016 - Eating cupcakes


I love cupcakes so during the shoot but a wonderfully clean licked my fingers while I relished my cupcakes


13-07-2016 - Smoking and drinks


I love to smoke and somethings to drink during a photset


24-03-2016 - Lucky in Lingerie


Lucky has different types of lingerie but her black suspenders feels lucky himself supreme. What do you think of it


23-03-2015 - My fat body


My delicious thick body with my beautiful curves.


14-11-2014 - Whorish


Sometimes it is sometimes too busy, running and flying from one photo shoot to another photo shoot. And then the wild dates between. It is horny and exciting. MAAAARR occasionally play with myself under saggy on sofa at home, lovely little time for myself to relax. thick kusssss


14-11-2014 - Breast bondage


This I occasionally love. Breasts nice later bound. Mmmmm !!! You can let your imagination free rein and the person your breasts afbindt give the freedom to do with as he or she wants. I love it if my breasts first tightly wrapped with rope so they are super tight. . It's great to then rub over it with my own hands. It feels like my breasts no longer be.


29-04-2014 - Working in the garden


In 2010 I built a pond in my garden. Since it was very nice weather of course have to show my naughty side again and got me dressed sexy and am so going to work in the garden. Mmmm what that was delicious, and meanwhile myself very much aware that it was my neighbor peeking that makes it even more exciting.


29-04-2014 - In the woods


Done today, the first outdoor shoot this year. Enjoyed the forests of Winterswijk area made unsafe for a lovely outdoor shoot with my favorite photographer. Everyone who came along to enjoy has great from me. Lucky in action!